Empower and Enrich Our Community: Every Contribution Counts! Your generous donations help us move closer to our dream of purchasing a community centre—a place where culture thrives, support flows, and connections grow. Whether it’s contributing towards our ongoing projects or supporting the broader goals of the SCCA, each donation makes a significant impact. Witness your kindness in action with our progress bar, showing how every contribution brings us a step closer to our target. Let’s build a stronger, more vibrant Sudanese Canadian community together. Donate today and be a part of our journey of growth and unity.

Where is the money going to?

What projects do my donations support?

Your donations primarily support our goal of purchasing a community centre that will serve as a vibrant hub for cultural, educational, and support activities for the Sudanese Canadian community. Additionally, donations may also contribute to our various ongoing projects and events that promote our community’s well-being and cultural heritage.

How can I make a donation?

Donations can be made via bank transfer or e-Transfer, utilizing the banking information provided on our website. For those ready to contribute, please use the specific details listed under the ‘Donate’ section to ensure your donation is securely processed. If you require any assistance or have questions about the transfer process, feel free to reach out to us directly for guidance.

Can I specify where my donation goes?

Absolutely! We understand that donors may have specific passions or areas they wish to support. While making your donation, you can specify if you want your contribution to go towards a particular project, such as educational programs, cultural events, or the community centre fund through the Bank APP, ass a message for where you want your donation to go. We ensure that your donation is allocated according to your preferences.

What is the progress of the community centre purchase?

We are committed to transparency and keeping our donors informed. Progress on the community centre purchase can be tracked on our website, where we update a progress bar showing the amount collected so far and what is left to reach our goal. Updates, including any milestones reached or significant contributions, are regularly shared through our newsletters and on our social media channels.

  • SCCA Goal To Purchase a Community Centre ($500,000) 25% 25%

Step 1

Step 1 is to COPY E-Transfer Email OR Download the Direct Deposit Sheet of the SCCA London.

E-Transfer Email :


Step 2

Step 2 is to Send the donation to the EMAIL Address Provided as an E-Transfer OR through the Direct Deposit Sheet of the SCCA London.



You have successfully donated to the SCCA, Thanks a lot for your donation!

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